Nurturing Life – Acupuncture and Online Childbirth Education

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Your happiness and health is our priority.

As such, we allow you to decide how much you can afford for any acupuncture follow up treatments.

Our acupuncture guarantee:

If after 4 treatments you have no improvement in your condition at any stage, your 5th treatment will be on us.

Check out our Prices page to see how affordable we really are!

In addition to YOU choosing the price of the treatment, all acupuncture treatments are also able to be claimed back on private health insurance (dependent on your extras cover)

Life is a gift that needs to be nurtured and treasured, when it is you will see it flourish, creating happiness, and health.
At Nurturing Life we will help you nurture your life by:

Informing, Empowering, Inspiring


We will be there holding your hand, every step of the way.

Informing- You will learn the tools needed to make an informed decision. If you don’t know what your different options are, then you are not able to make a truly informed decision. This relates to every aspect of your care- we are not here to fix you, we are here to help you heal yourself. We will talk to you about different aspects of your life that could be effecting your health that you may not be aware of, or have even considered before.

Empowering- Once you have the information available to you, you will be able to make informed decisions about not only your health care, but your life in general. You will be able to consciously make decisions that will improve your health, happiness and well being. You will feel great, as it will be your decision as to which changes you make. You will be taking charge of your life and being in control of the direction it is taking.

Inspiring- When you feel happy, empowered and healthy you will be inspired to help others feel the same.


Services offered include:


for Health





 Acupuncture for


and Birth






Doula Support







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